Welcome to my site.

I’m an NHS data analyst / BI developer based in Scotland.

This blog is mainly about R - an open source statistical programming language.

Why R?

Because I like it, there is a lot to learn, and there are plenty of SQL and Excel blogs out there already. Occasionally I write about other tools, and might pivot to new things in the future. But R is what I find myself wanting to use in my spare time.

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Why should I listen to you?

Because I’ll help you learn.
Mainly R, but also SQL, Excel, Statistical Process Control, BI…

I know what it is to struggle to understand something, and how good it feels when you finally get it, and can move on with your work.

I am always delighted to hear that my posts are helping others.

I am told that I’m good at simplifying and explaining things - I think that is a useful quality.

I am self taught - I don’t have a background in computing or statistics, so if I can do this, you can too.

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Presentations , talks and workshops

In addition to writing some popular posts, I have developed packages, presented at conferences and led practical workshops, mostly as a result of this blog:

2020 - NHS-R Conference My data.table hat trick

2020 - R Medicine - Rapid Analysis and Presentation of Quality Improvement Data with R

2018 - NHS R Conference – Birmingham

2018 - APHA Scotland Data Transitions – Visualising and animating patient flow

2017 - Qlik Healthcare Dev Group September Gathering – SPC Charts

2014 – Scottish Patient Safety National Event – Falls Reporting

2013 – Scottish Patient Safety National Event – Measurement of Falls Rates

2012 National Falls Event, Glasgow - Introduction to Run Charts and Statistical Process Control

R Skills demonstrated in this blog

  • tidyverse
  • data.table
  • data wrangling and manipulation
  • data visualisation
  • text mining and sentiment analysis
  • package development
  • programming
  • mapping / spatial data
  • ability to use a diverse range of packages and techniques

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